I love summer. I hate being cold so, by default, I love summer. However, when the tempuratures start to creep up towards 100 degrees, it gets harder and harder to wear anything more than the absolute bare minimum to get by. In fall, when I feel like my outfits a bit on the simpe (boring) side, it’s easy to throw on a jacket or a scarf or both to add some interest to the outfit. But in summer, when staying cool is the number one priority, I try to find ways to accessorize to jazz up an outfit. Adding some bracelets or a necklace keep things intersting without adding bulk or layers.

Now, I don’t normally wear quite this many accessories. But adding anything from a bright lip or ombre nail polish to bright belts or piles of bracelets keep me from feeling the outfit blahs. Personally, I like at least two points of interest, or (to steal a phrase from one of my favorite movies) “pieces of flair,” to take a simple outfit up a notch.

What’s your favorite way to keep it interesting with your summer wardrobe?