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My go-to outfit is definitely a button down under a pullover sweater. It’s the outfit I pick when I stare in to my closet with the ubiquitous feeling, “I have nothing to wear!” (This may prove problematic when the hot temps arrive for good)

My chambray shirt is definitely my very favorite piece in my closet. I wear it far too often, but I can’t help it. It goes with everything. As for these red jeans, they’re a nice pop of color, but they definitely don’t take in to consideration any resemblance of a backside when making Victoria’s Secret jeans. But, until I can replace them, they’ll do the trick.

red jeans, chambray shirt, oxfords

Also, this what happens to a braid after a few hours at a kid’s party and wind.

So, what’s your favorite no-fail outfit? Is there something you reach for when nothing else looks good?