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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently taking a fashion illustration class. I don’t consider myself naturally artistic, so it’s been a challenge making my croquis look, well, human. But honestly, it’s getting better. When I first started the class I would get very frustrated because the instructor just kept saying “look at the shape of the (arm, leg, waist, etc) and just try to follow that.” Well, yes, I suppose if I could look at the shape of something and then just draw it I wouldn’t need this class, would I? However, I can’t, so that method didn’t really work for me.

Through some trial and error I’ve found that I’m just a bit more left-brained when it comes to this process. I can’t create a pretty curved line on my own. I need some guidance. So I take it down to the very basic shapes. As in, straight lines.

Sorry about the images. But you can kind of see that the croqui on the right is literally just straight lines. The croqui on the left is how it looks once I’ve softened and shaded everything out. It’s not the quickest process, but it’s the one that works for me and I’m pretty happy with the results. Now I just need to start practicing the clothing (arguably the most important part of the illustration).