Lately, I’ve been trying to move away from the cheap-but-cute clothes I’m usually buying and focus more on the quality, classic pieces I can wear forever, not just a few months before falling apart. One of those areas where quality definitely trumps quantity is leather. Good leather can last forever and even get better with age. And with this (freakishly) mild weather we’ve been having, a leather jacket in particular has been on my mind a lot lately. A cropped moto-style jacket, ideally. Like these:

$348; Wilson's Leather

I really like the simplicity of this jacket from Wilson’s Leather. Classic with just the right details to keep it from being boring.

$479; bluefly.com

I love the cropped length of this jacket. It makes it easier to wear with dresses, I think.

$399.50; kennethcole.com

Another simple, classic leather jacket. I love the stand collar. I’m really looking for something that will last me forever. I can’t afford a leather jacket that will only be in style for a season or two. I need something I can wear anytime, anywhere. With jeans and a tee, or with a floral dress.