You know, like posting an outfit photo. What were you thinking?

I don’t normally post outfit photos because, well, I’m a bit self conscious, I suppose. But I found a killer deal on a pair of wedges today and I just couldn’t help myself.

This is what I wrote to work today. Not a great shoe choice for walking around OR, but whatever. I have plans tonight to go out for dessert with a friend and I didn’t want to change my base outfit. So, different cardigan and shoes, my favorite scarf and some bright lipstick and I felt ready for a Girl’s Night Out.

And a close up of my shoes. These babies were $9 at Target. $9!! Can you believe that? And I figured I’d better wear them now before snow makes open-toed shoes impractical. Or at least more impractical.

Now I’m off for some port-soaked Oreos! Have a happy weekend!