I’ve said before that I use fashion templates when I sketch. I’ve tried sketching my own croquis before, but I was just doing it out of a book and got frustrated and gave up (I’m basically a child). That’s why I was so excited about this fashion illustration class I’m taking. I don’t expect to come out of it an amazing artist, but it would just be nice to be able to create my own illustrations. And in last night’s class we dove in and sketched up our first croqui. If I’m being honest, mine turned out better than I expected for a first try. I mean, she’s a little alien-looking, and there’s something about her waist area that is weird, but overall I’m OK with it.

We practiced a couple faces, too. Noses and shading still elude me, but that’s what the class is for.

I’m really excited to start creating my own illustrations, though it’s a little overwhelming to know that it takes me an hour to draw the form, and then I have to cover it up with clothing. Oh, well. It’s gonna be worth it.

Yesterday was also my birthday and my husband got me this adorable sewing caddy. Isn’t it adorable?