My classes at SLCC started this week and I had an interesting first impression. I had to pick up my books at a different campus than I would be attending. It’s a big building and I had no idea where anything was. In an attempt to find my way, I walked over to the directory map provided:

I know the image is a little small, but do you notice something missing? There’s no little “You Are Here” star. How am I supposed to get my bearings? Oh, I know. I’ll ask the Information Desk.

Me: Where is the bookstore?

Info desk guy: Right outside the east entrance.

Me: (momentary blank stare) Um, ok. Where’s east entrance?

Info desk guy: Did you park in the parking lot?

Me: (duh) Yes… The lot on 17th south.

Info desk guy: Oh, OK. Go around the side of the Grand Theater, straight out the doors. It’s on your left.

Me: (blank stare)

Info desk guy: (turns and starts working on something else)

I simply should have said “Pretend I’ve never been here before and explain how I get to the bookstore.” Of course, I made it to the bookstore, but I ended up taking the long way because of the directions. Not a great first impression. Luckily the people at the front desk of the campus I will actually be attending were more than helpful and friendly. And the classes should be fun, which is really the most important part.