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I don’t do resolutions. This is only because I never keep them. Ever. Sure I want to lose weight. Workout more. Eat healthier. Yaddah yaddah yaddah, but I’m no making a resolution to do so. My only “goal” this year is to try to be positive. I mean, I’m not a negative person by nature (I don’t think) but I can get discouraged easily. So that’s the one thing I want to work on. Though I still wouldn’t call it a resolution, because I started that goal a few weeks ago.

With or without resolutions, I had a pretty fun New Year’s Eve. My sister and her husband came over, we played games, ate a ton of food, watched a movie. All just very low key. Then I made a delicious (if I do say so, myself) breakfast the next morning to start the new year off right, we took the dog to the dog park and I spent the rest of the day cleaning and sewing. It was very relaxing and just lovely.

And I finally (FINALLY) finished that skirt.

(Sorry for the awful photos. That’s why I’m saving up for a nicer camera.)

It’s far from a perfect first attempt and it’s certainly not exactly innovative, but it’s finished and wearable and something I designed, from start to finish. (It reminds me of something Brooklyn Blonde might wear. She looks great in bright pink.) It was tough, I usually cut corners when I sew, but I made a conscious effort to do it the right way this time. Measuring, basting, pressing, lining, etc. And I definitely need practice with zippers. They kill me! Or maybe I’ll just make everything button up.

So, what would you pair with this brown and pink skirt? I don’t usually wear these colors, so I’m stumped.