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Every year around this time I start getting the New Year’s bug. No, it’s not the latest terrifying, everyone’s-gonna-catch-it-and-die super flu. It’s just a feeling I get that makes me want to revamp something in my life. To change something for the better. Frankly, I’m awful at resolutions. I have yet to really stick to a single NYE resolution I’ve ever set. But I definitely get the itch to make some changes in my life. And it seems like one of them is going to be to fully set up my office. I finally cleaned it (a big step for me), and now I’m dying to paint it. But I need help.

I’m no good at picking paint colors. The color I picked for my living room didn’t turn out the way I thought it would at all, even though I painted a swatch on my wall. So I’m a little gun shy. Right now, I’m trying to decide between a turquoisey/tealy color and a rich, medium grey color.

The coloring is a bit off in these photos. The rest of the room will have white trim and shelving. And I’ll likely go for yellow accents. I think I’m leaning toward the grey, but that blue/green is one of my favorite colors, too. I just don’t want to be overwhelmed with color and end up hating it. Am I just being a wuss? Is the blue vibrant and fun, or is the grey chic and modern? Please. Help!