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Her name is Gertrude. Gerty, for short.

Picked this baby up on KSL over the weekend. (Actually, my friend did. Yep, the same friend.) She’s sample size, which is pretty perfect for fitting dresses. One day I’ll buy myself an adjustable dress doll. But until I fall in to some money, I’m very content with Gerty.

I’ve also sketched a bit more. I’m already happier with these results than my first try. I can see a few ideas in this batch that, with some tweaking and adjusting, could possibly make good dresses.

I’m also currently in love with Rachel Roy’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection. The colors, the simplicity, the silhouettes. She always manages to be chic and classy with just the right touch of cool.



Images via style.com

Check out the rest of her collection here.