After a surprisingly motivating day at work (thanks in no small part to a friend) I hit up Hobby Lobby after work and picked up a sketch pad and new drawing pencils. I got home, cleared off my desk, popped in a Christmas CD, got my supplies ready and just stared.

It’s been ages since I’ve sketched and staring at a blank piece of paper was very daunting. But I’m never getting anywhere if I don’t start (obvious statement of the day), so I just started.

You know how writers do free writing? Where they just write whatever comes to mind knowing what they come up with will likely be crap that will just be thrown out anyway but at least they’re writing. That’s basically what I did. Just sketching whatever came to mind even though I’ll likely never use it again. I’m pretty rusty, and I’m not much of an artist to begin with so I have to use croquis, but practice makes perfect and I hope to be able to actually create my own fashion illustrations one day. Anyway, here’s what I came up with last night.

Nothing terribly exciting or inventive, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own clothing line. Nothing extravagant. I don’t need to be ridiculously rich and famous (though I wouldn’t fight it). I just want my own little clothing line sold in unique, one-off boutiques. And while I can’t fight the feeling that it’s getting pretty late in the game to start this, I’m never going to not want it. So I might as well start. Maybe I’ll get somewhere, maybe I won’t. But at least I’m doing something.