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I love downtown Salt Lake. It never gets old. The people, the buildings, the sights and sounds. Call me a small-town geek, but I just love it.

Last night I got to go downtown to Red Rock Brewing Company to meet one of my favorite friends who happened to be in town.

As much as I love Salt Lake, I knew there would be one thing I’d miss about living in Brigham City. My friends. Especially these two gals:

Love these girls! And I miss them a ton. Sixty miles isn’t that far, but it’s amazing how it’s messed up our ability to get together. It was great to spend a couple hours at Red Rock (with the girl in the middle) just talking nonstop about the craziness that is life. Oh, and eating delicious food! Kind of an impromptu GNO. Just what I needed.

See that? That is breaded and baked goat cheese right there!