This week the husband and I celebrated our nine-year anniversary. At IHop. With my sister’s fiance.

Before you fret and maybe feel sorry for my less-than-exciting anniversary, let me stop you. This was my idea. And that was only after my husband said “So, what do you want to do tomorrow?” and I said, “What’s tomorrow?”

Ya. Not the first time I’ve spaced our anniversary.

(It’s the third time)

But what I love about us is instead of feeling like we have to have some romantic (expensive) anniversary with a candlelit dinner and gifts, we were totally happy with going to IHop. Oh, and following that with a trip to Target to pick up Halloween decorations. Which was awesome, as well. (Yay, Target!)

Some might think it’s sad.

Some might think it’s boring.

Some might even think it’s a sign our marriage is in trouble.

To me, it’s comforting. It’s just who we are. We’re both very laid back. And after nine years of marriage we’re both comfortable enough together that even a poliga-date at IHop is kinda romantic and sweet. ‘Cause we just like hanging out together.

(And we’re totally boring)