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My sister posted an article on my FB page by the Salt Lake Tribune that referred to an article in GQ magazine (that’s two degrees of separation, for those playing along… or would it be three?) that named both Salt Lake City and Provo in their list of the 40 worst dressed cities. As a fashion-conscious resident of this not-always-so-well-dressed state, I feel an obligation to speak up. (slideshow after the jump)

I don’t think anyone could argue that Utahns commit their fair share of fashion faux pas, but what state doesn’t? GQ listed “the missionary look” and “tree-hugger style” as two of our main fashion missteps. While our reputation for frumpy dressing might have a little to do with the modesty standards of the predominant religion and our frugal ways, don’t write us off just yet. The younger crowd in Utah loves all things style. A perfect example of this is the SLCC Fashion Institute.

I recently attended a fashion show they did in conjunction with the Salt Lake Art Center’s Fallen Fruit exhibit. It was free, fun and a great example of the wide variety of styles you can find happily commingling with the “missionary” and “tree-hugger” looks.

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