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It’s been ages since I’ve been thrifting. And since my favorite thrift store only stays open late on Thursday nights, I figured it was the perfect opportunity.

I tried on several pieces, though many didn’t fit me. I ended up taking home an off-white silk (SILK!) shirt for $2.50 (second photo) and the pair of yellow J Crew capri pants for $7.00, as well as a cute pair of 80’s bauble earrings for $1.00. I really wanted a pair of grey Banana Republic pants to fit me (last photo), but it was no use. Oh, well. Still a pretty good thrifting trip, if you ask me.

My successful shopping reminded me of an idea I had a couple years ago. I was going to try limiting my shopping excursions to strictly thrift stores in an attempt to save some money. That kind of commitment and restriction freaked me out, so I never went through with it. But I’m thinking I might try it again. I really need to start being better about saving money and we all know I’m not going to stop buying clothes altogether. This may be the perfect alternative. Maybe another successful thrifting trip or two will be enough to convince me.