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Tonight was the first class for Beginning French I’m taking through adult ed with my sister. We’ve both taken a bit of French before, but I definitely need some remedial help. Written, I can understand a lot of it and even pronounce most of it. But spoken, I’m completely lost. I just don’t have an ear for it, which worries me. I hope that can be developed. Nonetheless, it was terribly fun and I’m excited to continue on with Intermediate and Conversational French later on.

Tonight was also the benefit kickoff party for the SLC Fashion Stroll, so I drug my sister along with me to check that out. It was held at the Salt Lake Art Center. We were a bit late since our class time ran into the event and we showed up right as they were doing the “fashion show” portion of the event. These handful of fashions were created by local fashion designers. I’m not entirely sure if there was a theme since none of the designs coordinated with one another.

It was a fairly small gathering, likely fewer than 100 people when we arrived at about half way in to it. There was, however, an open bar. Pabst and boxed wine all around!

I’m also not entirely sure what the goal of the night was, since the fashion-y part of it only seemed to last the first quarter of the evening. After that, it was more of a see-and-be-seen sort of event. Fashion Stroll creator Matt Monson was, I believe, attempting to raise money for the Fashion Stroll. Hence the open bar. However, the attendees seemed less like the donating type and more like the socializing type.

As for me, I would have like to have seen more information on the local fashion culture. What designers are here? What boutiques are here? What are their specialties? Why is it important to support local? What are the benefits of supporting local? And, most importantly, what is the point of the Fashion Stroll? What’s the motto or mission statement? Why should people be donating to this cause?

All in all, it was a fun evening. I was just hoping for a bit more.

Bonne nuit!