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I had a great first Labor Day weekend in SLC.

Friday I went to my first Bees game with Husband, my sister and her husband. Overstock.com gave out some tickets to employees, so I got ’em for FREE! Which is exactly my price. We even got free chicken tender meals, which were surprisingly good. Not dry or anything. We also got ice cream.

It was so much fun. More fun than I expected, even. One of my favorite parts was when each batter came up to bat. Each one had their own theme song that played each time. Quite hilarious. They played the Reno Aces and let’s just say the Bees creamed them!  Definitely something I’d like to do again.

Saturday was spent lazing around all day. Watching movies, napping, eating, all the best stuff. It was nice.

Sunday we had had enough of laziness and decided to take a little trek. We went up Big Cottonwood canyon to Brighton ski resort. There’s a short “hike” around Silver Lake that we checked out. I feel like I should qualify calling it a hike because it’s more of a half-paved path. There were women in dresses and heels pushing strollers, if that gives you a better idea. But it was still fun and quite beautiful.

We found a little spot on the shore and Husband threw in his fishing line. It wasn’t 30 seconds before he had a bite. It was just a little guy, about eight inches, but it was still very fun. I read, which was also fun. We plan on going back up the canyon to take the longer hikes up to the other lakes before it gets too cold.

Monday we decided to should head back to the BC to visit family. It wasn’t a long visit, but it was nice. My mom, sister, niece and I took a drive up to Mantua to the country store where they still sell penny candy. Needless to say, my niece loved it.

It was a great weekend. We were able to do a little of everything. Anyone else do anything fun over Labor Day?